Ollie’s Point Surf Trip and Witch’s Rock Surf Trip


An absolute must of any Costa Rican surf holiday. An Ollie’s Point surf trip and Witch’s Rock surf trip will allow you to surf two of the bet waves in all of Central America on the same day. The Ollie’s Point surf trip is like spending half the day in Rincon, except you’ll be surfing in board shorts and with a fraction of the crowd. The Witch’s Rock surf trip is like spending half the day in Hossegor, France surfing La Graviére barrels. This full day Surf Trip departs out of Flamingo or Coco Beach at first light. Depending on the tide, we will head to Ollie’s Point (low tide) or Witch’s Rock (high tide). With the breaks only located 20 minutes apart, the quick boat ride between the two is the perfect opportunity to eat a quick lunch and share the morning’s adventures between sessions.

Ollie’s Point Surf Trip. Ollie’s Point is famous for it’s long, perfect green walls. The offshore winds that blow most of the year put the finishing touches on one of the best waves in the world. The wave is extremely consistent and even first time visitors learn the wave’s tendencies quickly. This is why so many surfers say they have had the “wave of their life” at Ollie’s point. Make sure to take an Ollie’s Point surf trip and create your own lasting memories.

Witch’s Rock Surf Trip. The massive volcanic rock that is Witch’s Rock stands guard over some of the best surf in Costa Rica. Legend says that the rock is haunted by a witch, and the imposing monolith does add a certain mysticism to the place – especially as sunrise and sunset. However, you are here for the hollow spitting barrels that are the cornerstone of a Witch’s Rock surf trip. This shallow sand bottom beach break can be shifty at times. However, the open exposure leads to plenty of consistency and the Witch will send you a wave that will make your heart pump and your pulse race. You just need the courage to pull in!

Bring sunscreen, your best board and lots of energy. As a bonus, if the conditions are correct, we will introduce you to some secret spots between Playa del Coco and Ollie’s Point that will blow you away.