Owned by Captain Christian Boos (One of the most sought out surf guides of the North Pacific Coast), Boos Adventures is considered the company with the best customer service and safety for its clients.
Our Captain hold records in sportfishing and our surf guides will make sure you are at the right tide, with right conditions, and at the right surf spot. With 4000 + trips in the last 12 years under our belt, you can relax and know that you are in good hands.


Costa Rica is blessed with some of the best fishing in the world. While made famous by its offshore fishing based out of the port of Flamingo, Costa Rica also offers some of the most exciting inshore fishing in the world. We offer a half-day of inshore fishing around the beautiful islands off the coast of Flamingo. We angle for mahi-mahi, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, jack carvelle and the pride of Costa Rica waters, the rooster fish (a great fighting fish that will leave your arms tired and a smile on your face). All of our Flamingo fishing trips include a cooler filled with ice cold drinks and snacks.

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An absolute must of any Costa Rican surf holiday. An Ollie’s Point surf trip and Witch’s Rock surf trip will allow you to surf two of the bet waves in all of Central America on the same day. The Ollie’s Point surf trip is like spending half the day in Rincon, except you’ll be surfing in board shorts and with a fraction of the crowd. The Witch’s Rock surf trip is like spending half the day in Hossegor, France surfing La Graviére barrels. This full day Surf Trip departs out of Flamingo or Coco Beach at first light. Depending on the tide, we will head to Ollie’s Point (low tide) or Witch’s Rock (high tide). With the breaks only located 20 minutes apart, the quick boat ride between the two is the perfect opportunity to eat a quick lunch and share the morning’s adventures between sessions.

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Mornings are a lovely time to be out on the water. The wildlife tends to be more active, the winds tend to be calmer and the weather is cooler. We normally depart at 7:00 AM at which time we will navigate into the flat waters of Potrero Bay. Our Captain will determine the best place to anchor based on winds, swell and tides. Once we find our little paradise, our guests can swim, snorkel, beach comb or just relax on the beach. We will serve up an appetizer and of course ice cold drinks are always being poured.

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