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Owned by Captain Christian Boos (One of the most sought out surf guides of the North Pacific Coast), Boos Adventures is considered the company with the best customer service and safety for it’s clients.
Our Captains’ hold records in sportfishing and our surf guides will make sure you are at the right tide, with right conditions, and at the right surf spot. With thousands of trips under our belt you can relax and know that you are in good hands.


So you have finally taken your dream surf trip to Costa Rica. Surfing without a wetsuit is even better than you imagined. You’re stoked to find that even during the most crowded days of high season, Costa Rica has a fraction of the surfers of your home break. Take the next step and book a Witch’s Rock boat trip. Witch’s Rock (La Roca Bruja) is one of the best waves in Central America. The massive volcanic witch’s rock majestically stands guard over this hollowed surf break. Witch’s Rock works on many swell directions, but picks up long period south or south-west swells the best. The wave is a sandy beach break known for producing long draining barrels.

Witch’s Rock is located within the confines of the Santa Rosa National Park. There are no hotels or other accommodation nearby. That means the only way to access this fabulous wave is via a long arduous trek (only possible in dry season; four wheel drive required – winch recommended) or by a quick boat ride out of Flamingo or Playa del Coco. The Boos team will leave at daybreak. The short boat ride just helps build the excitement and anticipation as you prepare to have one of the best surf sessions of your life. Make sure a Boos Witch’s Rock boat trip is part of your Costa Rican surf holiday!


We love beach breaks. We have one of the best in Central America, if not the world, in Witch’s Rock, and we surf it all the time. However, nothing beats a point break. The waves are more consistent, and they hold a big swell better than beach breaks. Ollie’s Point is Costa Rica’s best right point break. As with many point breaks, Ollie’s take off gives you just a little extra time before the wave jacks and you find yourself in the barrel of your life! That is why an Ollie’s Point boat trip tends to be the favorite part of both beginner and expert surfers Costa Rican surf adventure.

In one of the most benevolent acts of Nature ever experienced by mankind, Ollie’s Point works best on a low tide – the exact opposite of Witch’s Rock. The two breaks are located only twenty minutes apart by boat. Therefore, your Ollie’s Point boat trip usually means you will get to surf Witch’s Rock as well. Two epic waves on one trip. You just need to provide the energy to paddle into these two memorable waves!

Boos Adventures have two boats for fishing, bellow the links where you are able to see the boats + prices + photos of the boats and all the information you need to kwon.

28ft Boos Panga (with bathroom)

28ft Happy Ending (with bathroom)


All we do is surf and fish, and when we fish, we like to fish off of Flamingo, Costa Rica. Sport fishing in Costa Rica got its start in Flamingo and with good reason. It is a beautiful natural harbor, and the bay is unusually calm for this part of the Pacific coast. While the natural beauty of Flamingo is a nice plus, it’s the fact that Flamingo offers some of the best inshore fishing in Costa Rica that brings us here. While almost anything can be caught off these waters, we usually angle for mahi-mahi, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, jack carvelle and rooster fish, among others. All of our Flamingo, Costa Rica fishing trips include a cooler filled with ice cold drinks and snacks.

While Flamingo has some of the best inshore fishing in the area, Flamingo, Costa Rica sport fishing put Flamingo on the big game sport fishing map. Big game sport fish and billfish are abundant in these waters. Marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo and roosterfish are all present a short ride off the coast of Flamingo. Due to its extreme proximity to the Pacific Continental Shelf, Flamingo, Costa Rica sport fishing enjoys close access to deep-water. Many of the grandest sport fish enjoy these segue regions between costal waters and the open ocean. Landing one of these giants is a memory of a lifetime. Come lets Boos Adventures put you in the position to do it.

Boos Adventures have two boats for fishing, bellow the links where you are able to see the boats + prices + photos of the boats and all the information you need to kwon
28ft Boos Panga (with bathroom)
28ft Happy Ending (with bathroom)